What or Who is Little E?

What or Who is "Little E" - Little Empire, Little Everyday Bag, Little Elegance, Little Extravagant, Little Egg, Little Edith?  

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Thanks Michael A. for coming up with this idea for blog post.  Can't wait see everyone's comments :)  

We will give you the answer in next blog post!

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  • Littlee Extra?

    Pablo Perez on
  • I think the e in little e nyc strands for ewok. I hope I’m right!!

    Lola on
  • fur Elise?

    Ludwig Van on
  • Congratulations!
    The website looks awesome!
    The bag looks even better.
    Good luck hope it’s a success.

    Sylvia Musry on
  • i think little e is a dawg named papaya :D!

    E.T. on

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