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Little E NYC SHOP!

Little E NYC - Luxe Handbags is now Little E NYC SHOP.  We are adding new products to the online store everyday. We have lots of giveaways, coupon codes and specials planned as we transition to a bigger better online SHOP!!! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the new MERCH xoxo
JOIA NYC - Athleasure Wear 
We are so excited to offer and sell JOIA NYC Athleasure Wear from our online shop. JOIA Athleasure is for women of all ages who want style and comfort from yoga class, to brunch, to school pickup time. So comfortable and pretty it'll be your favorite pieces of clothing that you'll wear again and again.
The French Atelier - Fine French Hair Accessories
Carefully crafted from hand-sourced raw materials, each piece is a unique as you are. Choose traditional tortoise colors and patterns or a beautiful vibrant color with hand set Swarovski crystals.
All Things Kawaii
Our picks of the cutest. Kawaii-est, Harajuku fashion available - so fun and whimsical!  See our Sweet Handbags collection and find the perfect handbag to match your style.
Luxe Handbags
New Trendsetting Luxe Handbags in the most unique and beautiful materials inspired by brilliant modern art and artists such as Wassily Kandinsky - made to order.

We love to hear from our customers so please contact us:  sales@littlee.nyc 

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