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Root Chakra

Red is the color of the Root chakra or Muladhara. This is the first of the seven primary chakras, and it deals with our base needs and wants.
 It also conjures up ideas of blood, health and passion.

The root chakra defines the human’s relation to the earth. It brings a tremendous impact on our survival, vitality and also the passion. The survival issues connected here to this color may include things
 like money, the financial independence and basic things like food.

Therefore, it represents the human beings foundation and the
 crucial feelings in life, of being grounded. Regular meditation will help to balance your Root chakra. Concentrate on ridding yourself of fear and anxiety, developing trust in yourself to solve any issues.

The red scarf demonstrates vitality, courage, self-confidence, sincerity, spontaneity, and practicality. Wearing this colour promotes motivation and stimulates vitality. This scarf design, connected with the root chakra will help root you to the earth, feel grounded, centred, and protected.