The Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra
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The Crown Chakra

White chakra energy is pure, powerful and is a symbol for being one with the universe.
  The Crown chakra sits at the top of the chakra system. Located on the top of the head (the crown), this energy centre is associated with metaphysics, consciousness, oneness and unconditional love.

Activating and bringing the Crown chakra in to balance is usually the last step in ascension meditation, and doing so can take you to higher dimensions of consciousness. Of course, it usually takes a lifetime of practice to achieve this, but we can all benefit from caring for our Crown chakra.

A blocked Crown chakra can cause a feeling of being disconnected from your soul. In this way, considering our place in the Universe and connecting with universal consciousness has an active healing effect on all of our chakras.

The white scarf is associated with inspiration, humanitarianism, self-sacrifice, creativity, charisma, and mental strength. Wearing this color purifies your thoughts and feelings. Connected to the crown chakra, it connects you to your spiritual self, brings guidance, wisdom, inner strength, and understanding....